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The Sandwich Shopper creates happy, satisfied customers

The Sandwich Shopper website enables you to interact with your customers and create an ongoing connection with them that you can nurture. The website focus is to increase your productivity, expand your ability to take more orders and correctly and take your business to the next level from your customers perception.

Customers will be impressed they are able to order a sandwich on their smart phone 10 minutes before they pick an order up, its convenient. They could also create larger orders with ease and then collect or have it delivered at the desired time. It’s also great for you if you can pinch competitors hold on a Friday morning breakfast run in a large office because the office manager likes the fact that it takes 5 mins to complete the order rather than the usually 20 mins and then sometimes the order is wrong.

3 easy steps to you making more money

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The social media integration will allow them to add Facebook likes and engage you and their friends with reviews and feedback. The social aspects will allow you to inform customers of current information about your business from simple information like ‘Sandwich of the day’, revised opening times to new services and products you may offer such as buffets or new delivery times.
Your new Sandwich Shopper site will simply be far better than any of your competitions.


  • Customers details stored when they make an account.
  • Customers with an account can order super quick.
  • Customers can repeat historic orders with one click.
  • Customers can add a collection or delivery request to orders.
  • Customers get an email when the order is complete.
  • Shop owner receives an email when an order is made.
  • Shop owner can view orders with addresses that sync with google map with a click.
  • Shop owner can add notes to orders.


You also get a digital partner in me. I managed a family sandwich shop for a number of years and worked in retail as a shop owner for nearly a decade with a chain of 3 shops. I’ve since worked in e-commerce as an e-commerce system analyst, e-commerce project manager and a Digital Solution Manager being responsible for websites and customers that generate millions of pounds revenue per year. I understand you have limited time in a day and that every hour that your doors are open to the public is costing you money in rent, rates, wages and even wasted food.


The Sandwich Shopper is an excellent tool to expand your business with it will draw people in and you can generate interest through social media or even simple business cards. Once they start using the site they will be impressed and word of mouth will then take over you’ll start getting new customers. My kids both managed to create an order within 5 minutes on their tablet and mobile phones and they are aged 7 & 11, its that easy to create an order.

The main focus of the site it to get orders from your customer and make you more money.

The site also enables you to inform and engage with your customers by using the following methods


  • Adding images and videos of your business.
  • Google map pinpointing your business location.
  • Integrate Facebook and twitter.
  • A contact us page so customers can ask questions.
  • Products can be reviewed with a star rating.
  • The site scores 80+ on Google page analysis. This means the site will rank well on Google.
  • Full web reports available that inform you on how busy your site has been.

This website could be a game changer for your business as more and more people interact with their mobile devices it will give you a clear competitive edge over your competition.

So how much will your new website cost?

We are currently offering the Sandwich Shopper website at the special price of £495 as a one off payment. We also allow you to spread the payments to £120 over six months if you wish. There is then a monthly ongoing £20 fee.

All you need to do is give us a call on …. …. or contact me here email to get started. We’ll then give you a full demonstration how the site works and answer any questions you may have so you can make a fully informed decision.

If you want to go ahead and own a Sandwich Shopper site we’ll just need a list of the products you sell and pricing and any images you want to add to the site and business information such as opening times and telephone numbers etc. We’ll give you training on how to operate the site and make changes to products details etc, how to add posts and new pages if you wish too.

Lets recap, what you will get with your new Sandwich Shopper site.

  • Happy customers.
  • A robust modern website that renders on all devices.
  • An easy to use site for your customers
  • An ordering system that is easy for you and your staff to operate
  • Assistance with any technical issues from the Sandwich Shopper team.
  • 24/7 365 Web hosting on TSO Hosting.
  • Domain name and site maintenance/security.
  • And very importantly, more business for you.