Returns and Cancellations

Here at Alexandra Designs, we pride ourselves on providing excellent quality mattresses and customer service. All of our mattresses are handmade by our UK based manufacturing partner, who have been creating high quality mattresses for over 35 years. Over the period of setting up Alexandra Designs, we have established an excellent working relationship with our manufacturing partner, giving us the confidence in the products we offer.

Whilst we have every confidence in our products, in the unlikely event that there is a fault with one of our mattresses, we will be happy to collect it, arrange for it to be repaired, or a new one to be manufactured and delivered back to you, or alternatively offer a refund (see our Terms and Conditions). To ensure that we have the full details of the problem, we would require you to send photographs and information detailing the fault. At this stage, we will assess the problem, and provide you with the most suitable option of either return and replace, or return and refund.

Our 60 night comfort guarantee

Buying a new mattress is an important and significant purchase, and we appreciate that it takes time for both the mattress to settle in, and for you to adjust to the new comfort and support it provides, in comparison to your old mattress. As part of our goal to provide our customers with the quality mattress that meets their requirements, we offer a 60 night comfort guarantee policy should the mattress not suit you. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your mattress purchase, we will happily exchange it for an alternative mattress of your choice.

To qualify for this you must use the mattress for at least 30 days, to ensure the mattress has time to settle, and that you have allowed adequate time for your body to adjust to the comfort and supportive qualities of the new mattress. We also request that you do not remove any labels stitched or attached to your mattress, and that you use a mattress protector to ensure the mattress remains in the same condition as when it arrived. In the event that you are using the mattress on a slatted bed frame, we would also request that you use a mattress pad between the mattress and the timber slats, in order to avoid any abrasion, staining or discolouration to the mattress fabric.

Once a comfort guarantee exchange is arranged with ourselves, our delivery team (DHD) will collect your return mattress at the same time as delivering your exchange. They will also validate that the requirements of the exchange policy have been followed, therefore we request that the protector must be left on the mattress in order for DHD to check it has been used. Once DHD are satisfied, they will sign a collection document and package the mattress up for return.

For further details of our requirements, and the specific terms and conditions under this 60 night comfort guarantee, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

Marks and Stains

Please note that for health and hygiene reasons, should your exchange mattress have any marks and/or stains to the surface, howsoever caused, your mattress will not be eligible for an exchange, and this is the key reason we stipulate that a mattress protector must be used. If DHD notice any marks and/or stains during their inspection, they will be unable to accept the mattress for an exchange. To ensure we have all the relevant information regarding their visit, DHD will request that they can take photographs of the mattress, and will forward these to ourselves for reference.

Whilst this strict policy applies to our 60 night comfort guarantee, as part of our customer service efforts, we will endeavour to do our upmost to deal with any exchange requests made. In such circumstance, we would simply request that you are as honest as possible with regards any marks and/or stains that are evident, which may involve providing a clear photograph, in order for us to best establish the most appropriate way forward.

Right to cancel

All of our mattresses are custom made, and therefore we are unable to accept any cancellation, or return once your mattress has been delivered; please note this does not affect your statutory rights in relation to any defect or fault with the product. Whilst we can accept a cancellation prior to delivery, because our mattresses are made to order, we will charge a cancellation fee based on a percentage of your order.

For cancellations prior to the date our delivery specialist DHD email you, advising they will be in contact to arrange delivery (see our Delivery page for further details), the cancellation fee will be 60% of your order amount. For cancellations prior to delivery of your mattress, but after our delivery specialist DHD have emailed you (see our Delivery page for further details), the cancellation fee will be 75% of your order amount.

Should you wish to cancel your order before you have received your mattress, please email [email protected], quoting your unique order number and the reason you wish to cancel. We will respond to you within 48 hours, and once we have verified the cancellation, we will process a refund, in line with our Terms and Conditions, along with sending an email confirmation to you.