Prestbury Mattress

The Prestbury range showcases our mattresses of the highest luxury and quality, all consisting of 100% natural upholstery and 100% natural fillings, such as wool, cotton, bamboo and Alpaca wool. All of these natural materials have been expertly sourced and selected, to be combined with our handcrafted Calico pocket springs, in order to create the highest specification mattress we offer. Like our Tatton range, the Calico spring units within our Prestbury mattress range are equally tailored to you in terms of supportive firmness, as well as providing the option for a dual zone construction. Dual zone provides our customers with the option of differing spring tensions within each half of the mattress, creating an even more bespoke mattress.

Each of our Prestbury mattresses has its own unique combination of natural fibre infills, to create its own distinct and sumptuous levels of comfort and support. Constructed with firmer spring rows around the edges for added support, and exquisitely finished with 100% natural Damask ticking, 3 rows of genuine hand stitched sides and traditionally hand tied woollen tufts, the Prestbury range are in a class of their own when it comes to luxurious comfort mattresses.

Key Features:

  • Hand crafted Calico pocket springs
  • 100% natural fillings
  • 100% natural Damask ticking
  • Genuine hand stitched sides
  • Dual zone option
  • 10 year mattress guarantee