Delamere Mattress

The mattresses in our Delamere range were specifically detailed with the goal of providing a high quality luxury mattress, at a more affordable price range. All of our Delamere mattresses consist of a supportive, high quantity pocket spring construction, combined with quality man-made fillings and finished with Damask ticking, to achieve an excellent level of comfort and appearance.

At Alexandra Designs, compromising on the quality of a mattress is simply not an option. By using carefully selected man-made infill products, we are able to deliver a mattress that meets both our high expectations on quality, but also our requirement for excellent comfort and luxury, all at a more affordable price. In addition to the comfort qualities, customers are able to tailor the spring tension within their mattress from gentle, medium or firm, to ensure it specifically meets their requirements for support.

Key Features:

  • Pocket spring mattress
  • Carefully selected infill materials
  • High quality Damask upholstery
  • Tailored spring tension
  • 5 year mattress guarantee